dinsdag 25 mei 2010

fleetwood mac & peter green LIVE 1971!!!!!!!!

People people, what do we have here?? Didn't he leave in 1970??? YEP, he did..but.......

During the 1971-tour , Jeremy Spencer went awol , as many of u know to a lovely sect - children of god - in America..!! Gotta love those guys because , who'd u call when your guitarist is gone??
You call your old one!!! Peter stept in 4 the remaining few dates, not singing, but helping out..

This recording seems to be a good example of those concerts, so listen in awe to songs he'd never performed on , yet you hear peter's playing quite good!! it's all in the sound he makes anyway....
Especially the jam after TMATTYD sounds again like those legendary boston-live tapes from '70!! Sorry, no photo available, since non do exist imho....

1-station man
2-get like u used 2 be
4-purple dancer
5-i'd rather go blind
6-tell me all the tings you do >

link ; www.megaupload.com/?d=69ZYP3O6

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