woensdag 26 mei 2010

the faces - outtakes 2

The Faces - Outtakes 2

Oke guys, those who really like The Faces as a band, got already that lovely box-set....
My aim was to collect enough good quality numbers to make a second album of unreleased recordings - you could make a first one from the rare c/q unreleased c/q b-side tracks from the box-set yourself !! - compiled from tracks found on numerous bootlegs..
This is by no means definite , just a comp. that sounds nice as an album of rare versions...

ps; Do yourself a favour , play this album with vlc player , adjust the audio to left channel , and you'll hear an even greater mix of them in the studio than the original outtakes , which are great anyway , especially YWIW , which brings foreward Ronnie & Kenny ( you'll know who!!!)

1-you wear it well -take 2
2-empty pockets - instr.
3-fly in the ointment - instr.
4-italian girls - long version
5-los paraguayos - early take
6-nobody knows - outtake
7-oh la la - band version
8-farewell - early take
9-if i'm on the late side - complete
10-maggie may - early lyrics version
11-blues deluxe - live version '70
12-just another honky - band demo
13-make sure you tell him c/w
you can make me dance, sing..-complete session
14-flags and banners - instr.
15-my fault - take 2
16-anyone 4 anymore - outtake
17-tonight's number - outtake rough mix
18-the backing track
19-just another honky - take 1
20-i'll fly away - impromptu

Some of the originals were released on R.S albums , but the well-informed know they were recorded by the band , or at least most of the 5 members , so i choose to include them i.m.h.o!!


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